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Millennium Technology

MTTC provides a comprehensive suite of services and infrastructure designed to help you take full advantage of the Internet. Whether you already have a site online or are simply thinking about one, MTTC is the best choice for you! MTTC can deliver software, hardware, and bandwidth that scales from the smallest to the largest companies, agencies, or non-for-profits.

The purpose of a website is to attract traffic that leads to positive activity for your organization. Efficiency and effectiveness are the goals of MTTC's development process. Utilizing tools that integrate seamlessly with existing content delivery platforms accomplish this. Providing scalable solutions on the widest range of available platforms has allowed us to succeed in these goals during the advent of the World Wide Web to the Internet that exists today.

What a web site should not be is difficult to maintain and hard to use. Our designers and programmers work from many years of experience in making sites easy to maintain and update. As new ways of promoting your website become available, it is easy to take advantage of those opportunities.

MTTC strives to provide targeted and affordable website development, ongoing management and online marketing services to private and government organizations. We customize a comprehensive development or enhancement solution to fit each of our client's individual business and budgetary needs. We design websites from a business perspective by working backwards from our client's ultimate expectations. Custom Web Sites, planning, design, construction, promotion and ongoing Maintenance we can do it all, or we can work with your staff on any phase of the project.

In the past, the required elements to get communicate were the phone, mail, and a front door. Today a website is a requirement for any organization to be successful. This is coupled with email

According to Business Finance Magazine: Outsourcing With ASPs in the Internet Age (November 1999) "Companies can either buy or rent business application software, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Renting, or outsourcing, the software from an ASP has many pros and cons."

MTTC- Intranet and hosting solutions can reduce IT costs by 30 to 60%, allowing organizations to capitalize on existing hardware and network assets, and more effectively allocate scarce resources.

Our Intranet application development is based on our Reusable Component Architecture (RCA). This methodology encompasses the concepts of modular design and information domain management with business engineering methods. Thus components of one application can easily be included in other applications to provide services, customizing your user experience to your business needs.

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