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At Millennium Technology- M.T.T.C., we provide a full range of outsourcing services and solutions to businesses, government, and industry leaders, both large and small. When our clients choose us, they feel confident and secure that they’ll receive the best people, the best tools, and the assurance that their M.T.T.C. team will be there every step of the way until success is achieved.


MTTC develops custom technology solutions across several technology platforms. Whether you are looking for a mobile, Web or desktop app we have the expertise to help. Contact us about your next technology project today!


Desktop Applications

These applications typically allow for richer, faster and more robust user experience that web applications. Many applications were written in this style before web based applications were an option. Desktop applications can interact with other systems across the Internet, a corporate network or act as a stand alone application.

Web Applications
Applications primarily based on a browser user interface. Web applications can be accessed over the Internet or be restricted to a closed network such as corporate network. With advancement in security, HTML, DHTML, plug-in and javascript web applications are used for everything from customer relations management to banking portals. One of the main advantages is that the central system can be updated without having to redeploy.


Mobile Application Development
Due to a convergence of factors including a multitude of hardware devices, reduction in price and performance improvements, mobile devices are now a viable application platform. We have extensive experience with application development across a wide variety of mobile platforms and devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile.


Microsoft Surface Development
The Microsoft Surface™ is a multitouch product from Microsoft® that provides a platform for better user engagement, showcasing Rich Internet Applications and a way to address specific business goals.  

We are experts in mobile strategy and can assist you with every step from design, development, implementation, and app marketing depending on your needs. Mobile devices and Smartphone applications are increasingly able to reach customers and build relationships between your company and your consumers. Mobile applications are also becoming one of the most important business intelligence tools that allow realtime data reporting. In order to build a lasting mobile presence that will meet your business goals, you need a partner with knowledge and experience. Millennium Technology Technical Consulting has extensive experience in mobile app development across a wide variety of mobile platforms and in developing Enterprise Mobile Applications for clients.

Many companies are trying to stay relevant with their customer-base through the use of mobile apps. Millennium Technology has been developing mobile apps for several years and our developers have a wealth of experience developing custom mobile application solutions for our clients. Read more about the platforms we develop for, including:


iPhone(TM) Mobile
The iPhone™ is a multimedia smartphone developed by Apple®. The device is run by Apple's proprietary operating system called iPhone OS and developed using Apple's SDK. iPhone apps can literally only be put on an iPhone or an iPod Touch.
Windows Mobile
Applications that run on an embedded or portable devices. Cell phones and PDAs are great examples but other examples include KIOSKs, appliances without screens such as those found in automobiles or specific single purpose devices. Advantages include the ability to run applications on inexpensive hardware or very small hardware devices with disconnected network availability.
Android Application Development
The benefits of Android technology are being noticed by the marketplace: advanced connectivity incorporating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, large storage capability, ability to run multiple applications at a time, and an open-development environment.

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